8 way to help secure your motor vehicle

8 ways to help secure your motor vehicle

Year on year thousands of motor vehicles are stolen across the UK with 69,547 recorded last year. This is either because of inadequate car security devices or the driver left their vehicle in such a way that a thief spotted an opportunity to commit theft. One of the most important factors is to ensure you keep and leave your vehicle secure when not attended. Some of these simple tips can help ensure your vehicle doesn’t become a target from a criminal or leave you in a situation where you become locked out of your car.

Auto locking
Always make sure you remove your keys from the ignition when you exit your car, some modern cars will automatically lock themselves after a set amount of time once the doors are shut. This can leave you with a horrible surprise when you return to the car to find it won’t open.
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Parking in an unknown Town or City
If you visit a town or city, are unsure of the area or are concerned about the safety of your vehicle and car security always park in well lit up areas and secure car parks. Banks are a great place to park outside at night as they are well lit up and covered in security cameras.

Out of sight
As simple as it sounds car thieves are opportunists so when leaving your car always quickly check to make sure you haven’t left anything on show, something as simple as a mobile phone on the passenger seat could make your vehicle attractive to an opportunistic car thief.

Disc Lock reminder
Using a disc lock reminder is a great way of making sure you don’t make off from your bike without leaving it locked. You simply attach the lock reminder to your key ring when not in use reminding you to lock your bike when you leave it unattended.
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Data Tag
Data tagging is the application of an electronic tag to your motorcycle which is then stored on a database that the police have access to via scanners. If your bike was unfortunately stolen and you have reported the theft to data tag (this can be done via their website) and the bike is then stopped and scanned by a police officer, the bike will flag up on the scanner as stolen. This will alert the police officer or whoever is scanning the motorcycle at this point that the bike has been stolen and the bike can then be retained by the police, the thief detained and your prized possession returned to you.

Double Lock
Most vehicles will have a dead lock locking system, so ensure that when locking your car the locking button is pressed twice on your key fob, this ensures that all doors to the car are securely locked and not left vulnerable to a break in, it will also ensure that the alarm is set – a top tip for your car security.

Winter Months
During the winter, freezing cold temperatures mean that cars tend to freeze and frost up which can unfortunately take time to clear. If you do decide to start your car early to clear your windscreen, try not to leave your vehicle unattended or out of site as a thief can easily make off with your car.
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Nissan Vision 2015
Nissan have been looking into ways to reduce the amount of deaths related to car accidents. Although not directly related to the security of your vehicle, they have developed an innovative way of keeping drivers safe when travelling in their cars. Nissan Vision has a number of technologies that help keep its driver safe. ‘Nissan shield’ creates various barriers around the vehicle that help the driver and its passengers be aware of dangerous driving conditions to help prevent accidents. One of their concept cars includes an advanced technology that uses sensors that detect perspiration from the driver’s car seat and gear shift to detect alcohol. A camera also watches the driver to spot drowsiness or drunkenness, the car then issues a voice alert and tightens up the driver seat belt.

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