Burton Safes now available at Keytekshop.co.uk!!

Burton Safes are now available at the Keytekshop.co.uk!! The safe range at the Keytekshop is expanding! The first range of Burton Safes is now available to purchase. We will be adding further categories over the next few weeks, so don’t panic if you don’t see what you’re looking for straight away – chances are it […]

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Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm

Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm Yale offer a range of Smart Alarm Kits, which allow you to check the security of your home anywhere, anytime. One of our favourites is the Yale Easy Fit Smartphone alarm. This is one of Yale’s top of the range home alarm systems that can be operated by using your Smartphone. […]

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8 way to help secure your motor vehicle

8 ways to help secure your motor vehicle

Year on year thousands of motor vehicles are stolen across the UK with 69,547 recorded last year. This is either because of inadequate car security devices or the driver left their vehicle in such a way that a thief spotted an opportunity to commit theft. One of the most important factors is to ensure you […]

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Finding the right locksmith

Finding the right Locksmith

Finding the right locksmith Finding the right locksmith can often be difficult. With many local locksmiths not being accredited it can often be hard to ensure the locksmith you choose is correctly trained and insured to carry out the job professionally. However when searching for a local locksmith there are a few things you can […]

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Netatmo home security system

Home Security must have’s for 2016

Apple home kit We use our iPhones everyday and with Apple homekit you can securely control your home and home security from the palm of your hand. Homekit works through apps to control various home products. You can control lighting, locks, heating and cooling, plugs and switches and even home blinds. Each home product can be […]

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Christmas security 2016

Christmas Security Hints and Tips

  Christmas is upon us and as we all patiently wait to see what presents lie under the Christmas tree unfortunately so are many potential intruders, looking to take advantage of the busy social schedules and expensive items on show in homes all across the country. Research shows that burglars do take a day off on […]

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hints to keep you home secure this winter

Hints and tips to help keep your property secure this winter.

During the winter months, as the nights draw longer and the frost begins to show we all want to feel safe and secure in our homes. In this blog we tackle some of winter’s ‘bites’ and show you how to help keep your home free from opportunistic thieves. 56% of burglaries occur during the night and […]

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Home gadgets that rival Q from James Bond

To mark the launch of the new James Bond Film Spectre, we decided to cover some of the latest security and home gadgets which could rival some of Q’s quirky inventions. James Bond Style Biometric Security Scanners Security at airports can be more than a little tedious and time consuming. In a bid to speed up check in […]

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Home and garden security blog image

Home garden security

With summer in full swing what better time to look increasing your garden security. Below are some handy hints and tips as well as some useful easy to install products on the market.   Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed back so these don’t give potential intruders places to hide. Lay a gravel driveway so anyone […]

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