#ABSsummerlockin Campaign

#ABSsummerlockin campaign

# ABSsummerlockin campaign launched by Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network to keep security locked in and intruders locked out. Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network is urging householders to #stayABSsafe this summer by launching the  # ABSsummerlockin campaign to coincide with the school summer holidays in England and Wales – a time of year that sees […]

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Summer security main header image

Summer Security

Stay secure during the Summer Holidays with our Summer Security Tips! Whilst enjoying any holiday period whether it is summer, Easter or Christmas, one of the last things on your mind will probably be making sure that your home is secure especially summer security. Whatever the time of year it is still very important to […]

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How vulnerable is your home security

How vulnerable is your home?

There are many different reasons why a burglar may break in to your home, although some are opportunistic whereby they will take the opportunity of your security when it arises i.e. a door or window is left open, others will scope out your property beforehand. Therefore it is important to evaluate the security of your […]

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Never be locked out again

Never be locked out again We’ve all had that awful feeling of being locked out when your heart jumps and you check your pockets franticly searching for your keys, or receiving that annoying phone call “Can you come home I’ve lost my keys!” Being locked out can be a huge inconvenience and doesn’t come cheaply. […]

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How Safe is Your Neighbourhood?

How Safe is Your Neighbourhood? Unfortunately we are all aware that break-ins do happen but are you aware of the type and frequency of crime that occurs in your local area? Whether you are moving home or are currently a homeowner, it is important to consider the security risks that may pose in your local […]

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