Burton Safes now available at Keytekshop.co.uk!!

Burton Safes are now available at the Keytekshop.co.uk!!

The safe range at the Keytekshop is expanding! The first range of Burton Safes is now available to purchase. We will be adding further categories over the next few weeks, so don’t panic if you don’t see what you’re looking for straight away – chances are it will be available soon!

The first range available is Freestanding and Cupboard safes. These are a great buy for anyone that requires a safe for the home or office. You can use these to store numerous items from important documents, passports, cash, jewellery and anything else you’d like to keep secure.

Some of our personal favourites from this range can be seen below with their cash and jewellery ratings. These ratings on safes specify that they have been tested to a certain standard which is recognised by insurance companies.

Eurovault Aver S2 Safe – This safe is great value in terms of both price and cash/jewellery rating and is ideal as a home or office safe. It has a cash rating of £4,000 and jewellery rating of £40,000.

Consort Safe – The Consort features an anti-bump design and you can use either a code or a key to open it. It has a cash rating of £1,000, jewellery rating of £10,000.

Biosec Home Safe – This safe has a particularly fancy feature, as you don’t actually need to remember a code or where you put your key! You simply swipe your finger over a pad on the front to gain access. This safe has a £1,000 cash rating, and a £10,000 jewellery rating.

Torino Safe – This safe features a 5 year warranty and has a solid, extra heavy duty door and body for extra security. It has a cash rating of £4,000 and a jewellery rating of £40,000.

EuroVault Atlas Grade 7 Safe – The Atlas is the highest rated safe in Europe which features adjustable shelves and a double walled steel body and door which is filled with ultra high performance concrete and special armourings. This safe has a cash rating of £250,000 and a jewellery rating £2,500,000.

Listed above are just some of the great features of these safes, to read the full specifications of these and other safes in the Burton Safes range click here 


To celebrate the launch of Burton Safes we are having a competition and giving away a fantastic home security package worth £200!! It’s really easy to enter, all you have to do is click here and answer a simple question! We will be posting updates across social media so make sure you like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter… good luck!!

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