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With summer in full swing what better time to look increasing your garden security. Below are some handy hints and tips as well as some useful easy to install products on the market.


  • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed back so these don’t give potential intruders places to hide.
  • Lay a gravel driveway so anyone approaching the property can be heard.
  • Have motion sensors installed to alert you to anyone approaching the property.Ensure bins and items that can be climbed on to access windows are stored away.
  • Ensure gates and sheds have appropriate locks.


Prikka Strips

Prikka strips are a fantastic low cost deterrent against any unwanted guests, they can simply be fitted to the tops of fences, gates, pipes and walls designed to create maximum discomfort but minimal harm to the intruder. The strips are made from Polypropylene can be screwed, nailed or glued to chosen area and come in a range of different colours a great addition for your garden security. You can find Prikka strips here


Dummy CCTV camera

Dummy CCTV cameras are another inexpensive security solution for garden security. Easy to install and are a cost effective visual deterrent. According to ADT *94% of burglars would avoid a house with a monitored alarm; dummy cameras can also be used in conjunction with other cameras to add the effect of a larger area being covered by surveillance. You can find Dummy CCTV cameras here 
Yale easy fit telecommunicating alarm kit.

We all know Yale from the huge range of locks they offer however Yale have stepped into the alarm game with a full range of easy fit alarm systems, and they really are easy to fit for garden security. The only part of DIY you will need to do is screwing in a few screws to suspend the units to where you want them the rest is wireless. All the elements are activated by pulling a plastic tab out and tapping a small button and then waiting for the units to connect to the hub. When the alarm triggers you will be notified via the telephone number you have registered you can pick the telecommunication alarm kit up from around £270 from our shop. If you don’t currently have an alarm system for your garden security the Yale easy ft collection are a great option.  You can find Yale easy fit alarm kits here.




*Source adt.co.uk

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