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Never be locked out again

We’ve all had that awful feeling when your heart jumps and you check your pockets franticly searching for your keys, or receiving that annoying phone call “Can you come home I’ve lost my keys!”

Being locked out can be a huge inconvenience and doesn’t come cheaply. According to the AA one in five people say they have been locked out, costing them on average around £100.00!

There is however a very simple solution….
Key safes are a fantastic way to store spare keys and can be mounted simply next to your front door and secured by a combination lock. These small wall mounted safes are ideal for storing your spare keys or providing your children with an alternative to carrying a set of keys on them. Key safes are a very simple way of giving you that peace of mind that even if you do miss place, lose or damage your keys then getting in to your home when you return is never an issue.

• Children – Prevent children from losing keys or having to carry keys with them all of the time.
• Holiday Homes – Make the handover of your holiday home easier by not having to stay after hours to pass over keys to customers.
• Elderly independence – Help maintain independence by ensuring health care professionals can deliver care and gain access in the event of an emergency.
• Peace of mind in the event of losing your keys.
• Lighter pockets – forget taking your keys out with you and simply leave them in the key safe.

Here at keytekshop we stock a wide range of key safes from a variety of brands in different shapes and sizes. To find one that’s perfect for your needs have a look at our key safes category.

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  • Yale door chain and bolt.

    Yale Door Chain and Bolt

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  • Closed Yale y500 safeYale Key Safe

    Yale Key Safe

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