Dummy Burglar Alarm Box

Dummy Burglar Alarm Box

Dummy Burglar Alarm Box – Gives a visible deterant to potential burglars.

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Dummy Burglar Alarm Box

This Dummy Burglar Alarm box with a non-flashing strobe is an ideal burglar deterrent. The Dummy Alarm provides a value efficient safety feature to protect your home from any intruders. The Dummy Alarm appears visually indistinguishable to a real security alarm due to the built-in strobe light, enough to disorientate any thief/intruder

The next best thing to a real alarm, this high-visibility decoy box is excellent as a deterrent against burglars. The Dummy Burglar Alarm is easy to install and can be mounted both outdoors and indoors.


  • 500mm x 45mm


  • 350mm x 190mm
  • Gives a visible deterrent to potential burglars
  • c/w non-flashing strobe




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