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The Eurovault Aver G2 S2 E is a free standing high security safe certified and tested by ECBS to a EN1143-1 Grade 2 rating. Holding a cash rating of £17,500 and jewellery rating of £175,000 with single key entry.

External Dimensions H x W x D: 670 mm x 510 mm x 510 mm
Internal Dimensions H x W x D: 580 mm x 420 mm x 370 mm
Weight 259kg

Independently tested and certified by ECBS to EN1143-1 Grade 2
Double walled steel body filled with ultra high performance concrete and special steel armouring devices
Three way locking bolts
Special attack protection of the lock and boltwork
Multiple re-locking devices secure the door in case of attack
Option of left hand hinge*
Single electronic locking
Cable hole for alarm connection
Adjustable shelves in each size
Back and base fixing

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