GarageGuard Garage Door Handle Protector

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Product Information

Fitted over the top of a garage’s “T” handle providing increased security for ‘up and over’ garage doors. Garage guard spins freely when attacked, making levering or forcing of the lock very difficult.

Ideal to be combined with a garage door defender or garage door bolts.


  • Garage Guard rotates freely when attacked resisting levering and forcing of lock.
  • Visible deterrent. Thieves can see that your garage is secure. You can see clearly that you or family members have ‘locked’ your garage.
  • Prevents opening the garage door by forcing the ‘T’ Handle.
  • Easy to fit, lightweight and easy to use. No DIY skills needed.
  • Secures your ‘T’ handle even if the ‘T’ Handle is broken or damaged.
  • Secures ‘T’ Handle even if the ‘T’ Handle itself isn’t locked.


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